One of the first questions that everybody asks when looking to add a conservatory to their home is “do I need planning permission?” and more often than not, the answer is no. In recent years, planning legislation has been more relaxed, making it a far more straight-forward process. Adding a conservatory to your home is usually allowed under ‘permitted development’ rules, however there are some conditions that need considering.

When Will I Need Conservatory Planning Permission?

Planning permission is designed to preserve the area where the building is located.

Planning authorities have guidelines laid down that state when planning permission is required which are:

  • – If it’s being built on the front of a house.
  • – If it’s being built on the side facing a highway.
  • – The conservatory may not take up more than half of the area around the original house i.e. the house when it was first built, or as it stood on 1st July 1948.

There is also limits on the dimensions of the conservatory which vary according to the type of property.

  • – If the house is detached, the conservatory should be no longer than 4 metres.
  • – If the house is semi-detached or terraced, the limit is 3 metres.

Does My Conservatory Need Building Regulations Approval?

Building Regulations are put into place to ensure that any buildings are designed and constructed with safety, energy efficiency and accessibility measures in mind. You may not need to apply for planning permission, but you may still need building regulations on your conservatory as they are completely separate. A conservatory is exempt from building regulations when:

  • – 80% or more is a translucent roof.
  • – It has its own independent heating system that is not attached to the central heating.
  • – It’s a minimum of 1m away from any boundary and is separated from the main house by substantial walls, doors and windows.
  • – It’s built at ground level.
  • – It measures less than 30sqm in size.

It’s always important to check whether the construction of your conservatory falls within the guidelines, and if not, you will need to apply for planning permission. If you are in doubt or want to find out more then get in touch with us. We promise that your questions will be answered with total honesty and integrity and the actual fitting of your job will be carried out with a minimum of fuss, mess or disturbance.