Naturally, everybody wants their front door to serve them for as long as possible, especially considering they provide both security and beauty to a home. However, there are many different factors that contribute to a door’s life span…


Different materials obviously have different strengths and weaknesses which will affect their lifespan. Commonly, front doors are made from wood, fiberglass or steel, with wood considered as the best.

Wooden doors can be painted regularly meaning they can last a lifetime. Each type of wood is different so make sure you choose what’s best for you when buying your new front door. White oak and mahogany are durable and moisture resistant making them of high quality, whereas maple can shrink over the years and cherry can darken when exposed to sunlight.

Our signature range doors are made from wooden slabs imported from the world’s largest manufacture; Nanya Corporation. The slabs have a thermos set GRP skin with a closed cell foam core which means water penetration is impossible. The thermoset manufacturing process of our Visage Range also means the panel can’t expand, contract, bow, splinter or crack with changing temperatures.


70% of burglaries occur through an entrance door and many homeowners don’t realise how vulnerable they are when they aren’t protecting their home with a strong exterior door. Our RockDoors are considered to be the most secure composite door available. The Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) within a RockDoor is rated A++ for thermal energy and also incredibly secure.


It isn’t just the door itself that affects your door’s durability, but the way it is fitted too. The door should be measured well enough to fit into the doorframe, if not, you risk the door wearing away quicker than usual. Not only will this mean you have to pay expensive repair fees, but it could also mean a whole new front door investment which is not something you want. To avoid this, make sure you have your door installed properly by experts like us.

The maintenance of your front door is vital to the door’s lifespan and despite the fact we offer a full ten-year guarantee on any working parts, we recommend you look after your door in order for it to last much longer. Wooden and uPVC windows may fade over time, so a special cleaner is needed to protect the surface of these.

Our range of doors includes a Signature RangeRockDoor or Visage so if you’re looking at installing a new front door, then get in touch with us to ensure you make the right decision.