We all think that our home is our safe place, however did you know that 30% of burglars enter a home through unsecured doors and windows? Here at Wilmslow Glass we know that there are some necessary things that homeowners can do in order to fully protect themselves and their home, especially when it comes to the doors of your home.

Front Door

Whether you have a wooden, UPVC or PVCU door, there are different elements to consider in order to make it as secure as possible. Most door frames are moulded or affixed to the wall, however you should have your front door solidified to the wall stud with screws as this makes it incredibly difficult to detach the door with instruments like a crowbar. Our RockDoor is the most secure composite door available and is made with safety in mind, with it taking 20 minutes on average to get through it with a battering ram.

As well as a sturdy deadlock system which has a strong metal bar, you could also look at adding a door chain to your front door. This allows you to open the door to a specific width if you don’t know the person on the other side. We also recommend peep holes, double glazing on any glass sections of your door and mail catchers.

Back Door

Rear doors are the most common way to break into a home as they are an easy target and an easy escape all in one. They’re also usually not as a secure as your front door. A sash lock is the best lock for your back door, as it combines a deadbolt and latch therefore maximising the security of the door.

You could also look at installing a light sensor to the back of your home. A motion sensor light will make the back of your home more visible once activity is detected so not only are the burglars more likely to deter, but they can also be spotted more clearly.

Patio Door

For years UPVC French Doors and Patio Doors have been recognised by burglars as a weak point. However, our Rock French Doors not only add incomparable style to your home but unparalleled security too. Sliding doors should have at least three locking points, plus an anti-lifting device to stop the doors being lifted and removed.

It’s incredibly important to keep your external security measures up to date. We supply and fit only the best available products, ensuring your home is as safe as possible. Get in touch with us today for more advice on choosing doors to fit all entrances of your home.