With the days and evenings being brighter, you’ll certainly want to be spending more time in your conservatory to enjoy those summer evenings and the views of your garden. However, with bright weather comes hot weather, which can sometimes make a conservatory feel more like a greenhouse.

Here’s our top tips to cool a conservatory:

Add Blinds

Although most of the time blinds are added to conservatories for aesthetic purposes, they actually have a very practical use too, which is why adding them to your conservatory is always our number one tip to keep cool. The blinds you choose to install will block out direct sunlight and therefore allow the inside temperature to drop. You’ll also find that blinds will keep heat in during the winter months, making them an all-year-round winner.

Design it Differently

Using cool, pastel colours to decorate your conservatory will help the room feel brighter and airier as a result. Natural materials are also great for this, especially bamboo or rattan as they also aid the cooling of the room. Don’t put a black leather sofa in your conservatory as the material will feel hot once the black absorbs all the heat!

Air Conditioning

If you want to go one step further to improve the ventilation, investing in air-con could be a potential option however we always recommend trying other options first, as air conditioning can be quite pricey. Some air-cons can be installed for between £400 to £1000 and come with a dual function so you can cool the room in summer and heat it in winter. You must also consider the increase to the electricity bill if you choose to install air-con. Cheaper alternatives would be to install a traditional ceiling fan that will circulate the air, or a freestanding fan.

Replace Your Conservatory Roof 

This method might seem quite drastic but replacing an old conservatory roof could be the solution. High quality conservatory roofs are made from thermally efficient materials and act as a barrier by keeping heat out in summer and trapping it inside during winter. Not only will replacing the roof improve the inside temperature, you’re also likely to see your energy bills decrease too!

If you’d like to find out more about installing a new conservatory, or just the roof, then get in touch with us today. We will deal promptly and courteously with your enquiry, at every stage, from your order right through to the completion of your installation.