Replacing windows in your home can feel like a daunting task but many home-owners don’t actually realise the amount of benefits it can bring. When it comes to replacing your windows, there is no better time to install them than in the new year. The myth is that windows can only be installed in the summer months however there’s plenty of reasons as to why installing new windows in the winter is a great idea, here’s our top three:

  1. It’s the best time to discover problems

With winter comes the harsh weathers of snow, sleet and rain and as a result, any leaks or drafts will be exposed in your windows. That’s why winter is the best time for installing new windows as any existing problems are clearly, and quickly, identified. You will want to be replacing those old and leaking windows as soon as possible in order to prevent any further damage to the interior of your home.

It saves energy

Outdated windows can account to up to 20% of a home’s lost energy and so installing your new windows in the winter can help lower your utility bills sooner rather than later. As mentioned above, old windows can have cracks and drafts in them meaning that the energy in your home can easily escape, if you solve this problem now, you will start saving money on your energy bills and your home will be perfectly warm during the colder days.

  1. You have flexible installation dates

Many people think that installing windows in summer is better as the weather is warmer and drier and so the task is easier but as a result, the demand for installations is much higher. Being prepared and ahead of the game means that you have a much more flexible period to choose when your windows should be installed. This can help you accommodate any other projects or installations you have going on, especially if you have just moved into a home and are renovating.

We install windows all year round, but we definitely recommend acting fast and installing them sooner, rather than later.  We only use the highest quality materials and the best installers around, so you can guarantee the very best finish on your windows. Check out the windows that we install here or get in touch with us for a quote.